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An essay on the importance of free software translations

Not everyone speaks English. Link to heading

And there are even less people for which it is the language they would speak (and use) by default. I bet you met on the Internet a stranger from a country where English is neither official nor national language. Were you surprised? I’m almost sure not. But believe me, they would have been surprised if you talked to them in their mother tongue. While English is Internet’s “lingua franca”, most people would choose to speak the language they are the most familiar with, i.e. their first language. I know English, but would prefer Ukrainian if I had the option. But there is the problem.

There may be no option. Link to heading

Sometimes, translation might be not here, at all. Or it might be ridiculously bad. Or just bad. And because of that, I’m forced to use English most of the time. But, as I said before, someone else might not know English, and they won’t be able to use the program at all. You can say “Oh, just use a translator!”… а якщо перекладача немає? Чи у тебе відсутній доступ до Інтернету? І чи буде зручно вводити кожне слово у перекладач у пошуку того, що тобі потрібно?1 Luckily…

There is a solution. Link to heading

The power of free software is that you can contribute to its development, including translation. If you want to contribute to the program you are using, but you don’t have any programming skills, you can help by translating it. Boxcars translation is done online, but if this is not the case with your program, just ask its developers. The only things you need to know is English (at least at a level where you can understand it), the context in which the program operates, and, of course, your mother tongue. With every translation, free software will become more and more popular.

-EGYT 2024/03/15 CC0 1.0

  1. Translation: …but what if there is no translator? Or you don’t have access to the Internet? And would it be convenient to type every word into the translator in search for what you are looking for? ↩︎